The cinema’s great studio, Warner Bros., is going to maintain the practice with its upcoming movie, “Godzilla vs. Kong.” All of its movies which are due for a release in 2021 can launch in theaters. And also on OTT platforms simultaneously.

We are saying OTT platforms, we’re essentially conversing about HBO max.

On 3rd December, Thursday, Warner Bros. made an assertion that unveiled its plans for the subsequent year. They made it clear that movies that will be released next 12 months might be concurrently released in theaters.  As well as on HBO max.



The courage shown by Warner bros. give us a feeling that they have finds a way out of this uncertainty.

The studio has taken 180 degrees from the previous stance they’d taken. But, it seems like they have taken immense learnings after a debacle that the “Tenant” had faced in September. They are taking no possibilities anymore. On Thursday, 3rd December 2020, they made it clear that all the films will be launched in the ongoing pandemic. Encompass “the matrix four,” “Godzilla vs. Kong,” and the on-display screen adaption “In the Heights” are going to release on HBO Max and in theaters. But on an identical day.

This has been carried out, as it has been explained in the course of Godzilla vs. Kong’s promotional marketing campaign. To facilitate the film-watching experience of these folks that live within the regions where the theaters are closed.

OTT Platform as an alternative to theaters

Regardless of the tenacity shown by Warner Bros., there is no assurance that this technique will work. As it was seen with Disney+’s Mulan. However, Warner Bros.’s reluctance to accept the OTT platform as an alternative to theaters. That no longer pay dividends both as its tentpole “Tenet” fell way short of its anticipated overall performance. The movies like “Godzilla vs. Kong” will entertain the viewers both in theaters and on the smaller display screen. But, after one month, the films could pull out of streaming services and will available in theaters.

The social and financial outcome of this choice is unknown, to say the least. But, it’s clearly visible that normalcy in theaters remains a while away.

It can be stated that Warner Bros. is displaying some creativity while its competitors have given up the fight completely. Warner Bros. is the solitary standing warrior in the ongoing wars concerning the revival of theaters.

The virus is here to live for a bit extra either fight or perish.

Ann Sarnoff indirectly stated this in the declaration that she made right after the announcement. She said that at the same time as Warner Media Studio cares about the theaters. It is essential to accept realities and adapt to the brand new conditions and make adjustments to the traditions.

All the theaters in the U.S. were vastly hit, and at the same time, plenty remains inoperable. People who are working are working at a lesser capacity.

Warner Bros. is among the top two film vendors in the whole world. But lagging in the back of Disney as of nowadays.  

To address the pandemic, the studio has now come forward with a plan that they name a “unique 1-year plan.”

The movies which might be likely to be released in 2021 are Will Smith starrer “King Richard”, “Tom & Jerry”, “Conjuring: The Devil Makes Me Do It”, “Dune”,  “The Suicide Squad,” and “Judas and The Black Messiah”.

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