As we all known to the fact that Android’s interface is very easy to use. Users have numerous possibilities to personalize their Android devices. The need arises to personalize the Android application icons for Android like other competitor’s devices are doing. Android is assisting 3rd-party applications and only a few things that Android cannot do, and competitor’s operating systems can. Placing a custom icon for an Android application is a pretty simple process. In this post, you will discover easy ways to try this yourselves on your Android device.


The good news here is that users can download custom application icons with the use of some applications. Additionally users  have the choice to apply images directly from their galleries. And than use them as their custom application icon.


Edit a Picture you need to set as an application icon

To set a picture as an application icon, you need to use a rectangular image with a clear background. The excellent part is that you could tweak any picture in line with the requirement mentioned. To erase a picture’s background, open a browser on your devices, and navigate to “” This internet site is free to use and could quickly do the work for you. All you need to do is upload the desirable picture and allow the application to do its thing. The ensuing picture will load within seconds. As a result, you can get the picture on your device by tapping on the download button. You may have to visit for for Microsoft related apps.

But sometimes the sourced pictures are not in rectangular shape. Not to worry, you could edit it to meet the layout requirement. Open a browser on your devices and proceed to “Pixlr E”.  Now you are at the internet site, transfer the picture and click on “picture,”  observed by “Canvas size.” The picture appears on the display screen, set its height the same as the width. After setting is done hit the “Apply” button and keep the picture on your device.



The way to create a custom application icon

Android does not have an integrated attribute to customize the application icon. You just need to download a 3rd-party launcher application. You may use the Nova Launcher. It is the leading in the category. Simply follow the instructions mentioned below, to set up and create a custom application icon.


Step 1: Download the Nova Launcher Application and go through the setup step.


Step 2: Now, scroll to the application you want to set a custom icon for. Than press and keep it till the menu appears. Tap on “Edit” accompanied by using the application icon.


Step 3: Multiple options will appear. You can choose the picture you need to set as your icon picture. From this list, you can browse for the picture that you had edited earlier to apply.


Step 4: After the picture had been edited correctly, it would fit without any difficulty within the rectangular crop that appears.


Step 5: Click on done, and as a result, you will discover your new icon on the house screen.


Bring again the old icon

In case your new and customized application icon does not comfort your eyes. But you can easily get your old icon back. All you need to do is click and hold the application icon, click on edit from the options list. Now, click on the icon picture to find the default icon underneath. Click on it to get again your default icon.


We hope that all the information which is being shared will help you. And you can now boast about your custom application icons in front of your friends.



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